Work From Home Audio Transcription Jobs Make $20 Per Hour

Are you ready to make some real money through the Internet from home? Audio transcription jobs that can be done online it’s simple and easy to work.

Transcription jobs are free to join and there is no registration fee. You can choose the job and work on your own schedule.

Most of the transcription platforms may not look for work experience but some companies may look. Qualification tests may also be required to check your skills.

What is audio transcription jobs?

You will be allowed to hear an audio clip, all you need to do is “hear the audio clip very carefully and type out what you hear” (i.e) Converting an audio file into a text file. Sounds easy right?

If are you a beginner in the transcription platform, don’t worry! You can practice with demo audio’s and when you are all set, you can work with paid audio transcription tasks.

Requirements for audio transcription service?

  • Updated Computer
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Basic English Skills
  • Typing Skills
  • Headphone or Earphone

Best Audio Transcription Jobs Online For Beginners

The top 7 best transcribing platforms have been discussed below. It takes little time to earn money if you are a beginner. So be patient and work hard to earn more.

1. Quicktate

Quicktate is one of the popular transcription platforms that offer transcriptions jobs. After creating an account with Quictate, you may have to take a qualification test.

If you perform well more jobs will flow on your dashboard. They are paying $0.50 per word, you will be paid through PayPal every month.

Join: Quicktate


TranscribeMe is providing audio transcription jobs worldwide, anyone can join and work with TranscribeMe.

You will be taken into a small test and you should pass with good accuracy, based on the accuracy tasks will be assigned. Each task takes less than 10 minutes and pays $20 per task through Paypal.

Join: TranscribeMe

3. Scribie

Scribie is well known for transcription services. When you apply, you have to take the qualification test and you should pass the test to take projects.

Scribie pays $10 per audio when you reach $1 you can request for payout through PayPal. Join Scribie today to make some extra money.

Join: Scribie


Rev is accepting people for audio transcribing. People have reported that the qualification test seems a little difficult when compared to other transcription companies.

People have made $500 per month with Rev.

Join: Rev

5. Casting Words

Casting words is a US-based company and you can directly sign up and start working. You may have to undergo a qualification test in order to work, you will be given $1 to $5 per audio transcription.

Tasks available in Casting Words is very low when compared to other platforms.

Join: Casting Words

6. Tigerfish

Tigerfish is one of the best transcription companies for newcomers, you can learn a lot about transcription. But the only drawback about Tigerfish is they pay very less.

Join: Tigerfish


Babbletype hires people who type words quickly and accurately while listening to audio clips.

There are multiple works available in Babbletype like transcription, proofreading, translation, and more. You will be paid every week through PayPal

Join: Babbletype

More Work From Home Transcription Works (Updated)

People have requested us to update more transcriptions jobs, we have accepted your request and we will keep updating legit transcriptions jobs. keep checking often.

We request everyone to kindly check whether the job is available to your location/country before you signup.

3 Play Media: You can make $10 per hour by working with Play Media.

Net transcripts: Accepting people only with work experience. Background checkup is also required.

SpeakWrite: Experience required and should maintain a good accuracy rate.

Aberdeen: If you are capable to type 45 to 50 wpm you can make $15 per hour with Aberdeen.


I hope these best audio transcription jobs will help you to make extra income from home. Try out these platforms and share your honest feedback in the below comment box.

Online transcription jobs for India/Cannada/UK/Singapore/Australia

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