List Of Best Freelance Marketplace To Work From Home 2018 {Updated}

Tried going office? Don’t worry! Be your own boss and make money online being at home. Here is the list of best freelance marketplace, if you are looking for alternative ways to make money, read best online chat support jobs make $25 per hour.

There are millions of people who are professional in freelancing, create the best portfolio and sign up for those freelance platforms. Some platforms may require qualification test in order to get into the projects. Also, read legit data entry works from home

What Is Freelancer?

Freelancer is one who gets paid for completing the work assigned by the client. A freelancer can take multiple projects from multiple clients at the same time.

You can also choose freelancing as part time or full time based on the project. More than 35% of Americans have chosen freelance as a carrier.

How Does A Freelancer Get Paid?

Normally a freelancer can make $26/hr and $40,000 per month if you spend at least 20hrs a week. Once if you have completed a project assigned by the client, you can submit the project to the client, and the client will verify and if there are no errors, the payment sent from the client will be credited to your Freelancer account. Later you can withdraw the money through the PayPal and other payment gateways.

Who Can Become A Freelancer?

Anyone above 18 years can join and work on freelance platforms. You don’t need any work experience, you can work on your favorite projects from your comfort zone.

7 Best Freelance Marketplace

#1 Toptal 

Toptal is one of the top-rated freelance websites, but you have to be qualified for the toptal screening process, in order to work with Toptal. Toptal is looking for freelancers who are highly talented, they accept only 5% of applicants who are tested. Toptal pay $95 per hour, people working with Toptal are lucky.

Join Toptal: Click Here

#2 Upwork

Upwork is one of the best freelance websites for beginners. Upwork provides projects related to every type of freelancers. Upwork already holds 1.5 million clients with long and short-term projects. If you are a beginner in freelance, you can choose Upwork, it will surely help you to start a good carrier in freelancing. Once the project has been completed, money will be transferred from the client to Upwork. Upwork is free to join and also Upwork app is available to download on play store and app store.

Join Upwork: Click Here

#3 PeoplePerHour 

Are you a software engineer? PeoplePerHour is the place where you get projects related to SEO, Web Projects and more. You can send up to 15 free proposals to the clients and after you need to sign up for a paid plan. It’s worth working with PeoplePerHour.You can also download PeoplePerHour app android.

Join PeoplePerHour: Click Here

#4 Fiverr Freelance Service

Fiverr is the most used freelance marketplace, where gigs start at $5 per projects. You can find the projects by just typing the keyword. Fiverr is completely free to use and easy to work with Fiverr. You can use the Fiverr app on your smartphone to do the projects.

Join Fiverr: Click Here

#5 Freelancer

If are good in attracting clients by your work Freelancer will be the right choice. Freelancer website displays millions of projects and also runs contests to prove your skills. Freelancer is the best place to show your talents and grow.

Join Freelancer: Click Here

#6 Simply Hired 

If you want projects in any field Simply Hired is the best, you can get clients from 24 different countries. Simply Hired provide projects even to construction workers. Long and short-term projects are available. Simply Hired app is available for both Android and iOS

Join Simply Hired: Click Here

#7 Crowdsource Freelancing

Crowdsource is the place where you get projects related to editing, content creation, online monitoring and more. The best thing about Crowdsource is they convert large projects into small manageable tasks. You may require taking qualification test in order to get into the projects.

Join Crowdsource: Click Here

Other Top Freelancing Sites: Freelance Marketplace 2018

Final Words:

These are the some of the best freelance marketplaces which you can try today. Choose your own projects, choose your own location, work on your own time, but complete the projects on time. Enjoy the benefits of freelancing.

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