Best Paying Online Jobs In The United States Of America { updated}

Being in the United States and looking for best paying online jobs? This article highlights some of the best legit online jobs to boost your income

As we know there are thousands of online jobs available on the internet but only a few seem to be legit. Finding and working on the right platform is not an easy task nowadays, always be aware of Scam online jobs.

We have collected some best online jobs which you can try from your home. The Internet has given a lot of opportunities to work from home in the USA.

Legit And Best Paying Online Jobs In United States

If you own a computer with the internet you are all set to join these online jobs. Some companies may ask you to take the qualification test, to make sure that you are eligible to work with their company.

1.Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners

Transcription jobs will be the right choice if you are looking for work from home jobs to make passive income. You should be good at typing and listening audio. Most of the companies offer part-time online transcription jobs from home and pays a minimum of $12/hr.

Best Transcription Jobs: 

For more transcription jobs: Click Here

2.Website Testing Jobs

Website testing jobs can be done by anyone who surfs websites online. Find the bugs on the websites, submit the report and get paid instantly. Some website testing companies like “user testing” will allow you to take a qualification test, you have to pass the test in order to work with user testing.

Get Paid To Test Websites:

For more website testing jobs: Click Here

3.Legitimate Product Testing Jobs

If you are looking at one of the coolest ways to make money go with product testing jobs. All you have to do is review the product and get paid, it is similar to taking online surveys. Most of the product testing companies are paying $2 to $200 per product review.

Product Testing Jobs From Home:

4. Freelance Writing Jobs Online From Home

You can make some money by writing articles online from home, there are some companies looking for articles related to humor, politics, social issues, technology and more. For each article, you can get a pay of $250 to $1000 based on the article quality and the number of words.

Writing Jobs Online From Home:

<<Best Freelance Marketplace 

5.Online Micro Jobs

Get paid for doing micro tasks like sign up, data analysis, app testing, Facebook like, YouTube subscribe and more. You can also do micro jobs on your smartphone and make money. Most of the online micro job websites pay through PayPal.

Best Paying Online Micro Job Sites:

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Legit Online Jobs That Pay Weekly & Daily

We have collected some of the legit online jobs that pay weekly and daily. We also suggest you to check the review of each website before joining.

1.Get Paid To Review Phone Calls

One call reviewing jobs are becoming popular nowadays, all you need to do is hear the recorded phone call and review the phone calls.

>>Online Call Reviewing Jobs

2.Get Paid For Searching The Web

Get paid for what you are already doing. There are some websites which pay you money for using their search engines.

>>Earn Money By Searching The Web

3.Get Paid For Online Surveys

Make some bucks by sharing your valuable opinion about the product or the service. Online surveys can be done through smartphones also.

>>Best Online Survey jobs

4.Get Paid For Watching Videos Online

Everyone loves watching videos online, what if that videos pay you money for watching online. Some websites pay you money for watching sponsored video ads and trailers.

>>Earn money by watching videos online

5.Get Paid To Read Books Online

Love reading books? There are some websites which pay you money for reading books online, you can choose your favorite book, read and get paid

>>Earn money by reading books online

Want More Best Paying Online Jobs?

Are you a housewife looking for online jobs in the United States? Home based work from home jobs for housewives without investment make $50/hr.

If you are a college student and looking for online jobs to make money we suggest you join “best online jobs for college students

Try out these legit online jobs and share your feedback in the below comment box.

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