7 Best Website Testing Jobs That You Can Try Today From Home

Website testing jobs?

Do you own a website? Is it user-friendly? Has many bugs? Don’t worry there are many online website testing companies are available to solve your bugs instantly.

Website testing is becoming popular nowadays because of the rapid increase in websites/blogs. By joining website testing platforms you can make extra income by staying at home.

Website testing won’t take more than 20 mins, there are website testing tasks which takes less than 5 mins and pays $10 per test.

What does the website tester have to do?

The main role of the website tester is to check the websites, whether it has any errors, is the website is easy to navigate, loading speed of the website, etc.

You need to provide a valuable opinion about the website after testing. You will be asked to install some software to record the activity and submit.

What are the requirements for website testing jobs?

  • Basic English and Computer Knowledge
  • Writing and Typing Skills
  • Updated Computer
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Webcam ( optional)
  • Workspace
  • Verified PayPal Account

7 Best Online Website Testing Jobs

All the websites mentioned below are free to join and no registration fee. Make sure whether the job is available to your country/location.

1. User Testing

User Testing is one of the most popular website testing platforms. You may have to take a sample test in order to qualify for User Testing.

If you are accepted by UserTesting you can start reviewing the websites, each task takes about 15 to 20 minutes and they pay $15 per test. PayPal accepted.

Join: User Testing


You have to undergo a qualification test and you have to qualify in order to work with TryMyUI. You will be notified through the mail whenever a new website test is available.

Each test takes 15 to 20 minutes and pays $10 per test. You should own a verified PayPal account to request Payout.

Join: TryMyUI

3. Enroll

Enroll pays you for reviewing the websites. One of the best things about Enroll is you can review the websites using the Computer/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone.

You can also download the Enroll app for your smartphones to review the websites. Each review takes 5 to 10 minutes and pays $5 per completed review. Enroll also pays through PayPal.

Join: Enroll

4. StartUpLift

Most of the newly developed websites will be reviewed by StartUpLift. You need to review the website and provide a valuable feedback about the website.

You should have a verified PayPal to request payout, the payout will be processed every weekend. For every completed review you will be rewarded with $5.

Join: StartUpLift


Userlytics let you get paid to test websites. All you need to do is create an account in Userlytics it’s free. Whenever a review task is available, you will be notified through the mail.

You have to provide an honest opinion about the website or applications.  You will be rewarded with $10 per task through PayPal.

Join: Userlytics


UserZoom is different from other website testing platforms. In UserZoom you have to test the usability of the websites, you will be paid $10 for the completed tasks.

Each task takes less than 20 minutes to complete and you should have verified PayPal in order to get paid.

Join: UserZoom


Provide your feedback and get paid. In WhatUsersDo you will be given some set of websites to be reviewed, you have to review the website and provide honest feedback.

Each task takes 20 minutes to complete and you will be rewarded with $12/hr. Payout through PayPal.

Join: WhatUsersDo

Home Based Website Testing Jobs List (Updated)

User Feel: Finding bugs in the user interface designs.

Testing Time: You can’t expect tasks every day but weekly once. Conduct testing studies through skype.

Analysia: Complete 15 min test and get $10 per test.

(More testing jobs will be updated soon keep checking)  

Final Words:

So, waiting for what? Try out these best website testing platforms and share your words in the below comment box.

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