Top Sites To Earn Money By Watching Videos Online

Everyone loves to watch videos, what if the videos pay you money. There are some legit websites which allow you to earn money by watching videos online.

You can make money by watching videos from the below-mentioned websites, we have listed some of the best paying websites which you can try today to make some extra pocket money.

Earn Money By Watching Videos Online


Swagbucks is a well-known website which allows you to make money online through various methods. You can also earn money by watching videos online, for each video, you will be rewarded with SB points. You can redeem the SB points for PayPal cash or other gift cards.

Join: Swagbucks


Viggle is the best platform to make money by watching videos online. You can watch your favorite programs, per minute you will be given one point. You can redeem the point for gift cards and cash prizes.

Join: Viggle

3.Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is the alternative of Swagbucks, which provides number ways to earn money. You will be given a certain number of videos to watch per day and get paid. You can also earn money by reading emails, web research, playing games and more.

Join: Inbox Dollars


Form the name itself you can get to the point that you will be paid to watch YouTube videos. The payout for each video is bit low, $0.005 per video. You can also earn money by commenting on YouTube videos.

Join: Paid2YouTube

5.Quick Rewards

Quick Rewards allows you to watch videos, for each video you watch, will be rewarded with cash. You can also do online surveys, games and more to earn extra money. You can payout your rewards through PayPal.

Join: Quick Rewards


With Successbux you can make extra money by watching videos online. You can request for payout when you reach $1 through PayPal.

Join: Successbux

Get paid for watching short videos like app trailers, movies and more.For each video you watch, you will be rewarded with Perk points, you can redeem the perk points for cash and gift cards.



These are some of the best websites to earn money by watching videos online. Try all these websites to make extra money online.

If you know other websites which pay you to watch videos comment in the below comment box.

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