Top 7 Apps That Gives You Free Gift Vouchers And Free Gift Cards

Who says no to gift cards and vouchers when you get free? There are some apps that give you free gift vouchers for performing micro-tasks.

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Get Free Gift Vouchers & Gift Cards Online

Some apps mentioned below may not be available in your country. Free gift cards and vouchers you get should be redeemed before the mentioned date.

1.Cash App

Cash App is one of the popular international rewarding apps, you can get $5 while sign up and send $5 to any of your friends and get more gift vouchers.

You can also earn extra money by watching videos, taking surveys, trying services and more. Cash app pays better than any other rewarding apps.

Cash App: Download

2.Gift Card Hero

As the app name says everything. If you are looking for free gift cards and best deals we recommend Gift Cars Hero app it helps you to save more money. You can also get 30% off on restaurant gift cards.

Gift Card Hero: Download


Swych app is a free gift card app which helps you to send and receive gift cards. You get $5 worth gift card when you join. You can also exchange your gift cards and get a different one. SWYCH is an exciting rewarding app totally.

SWYCH: Download


Bitmo is also kinda rewarding app, you will be rewarded with $5 worth gift card when you sign up. You can use the gift card to redeem on your favorite brand.

Bitmo: Download


Drop app pays you $5 free gift vouchers just for linking your card and verifying the email. To save money while shopping we recommend using Drop app. You can also earn points while shopping.

Drop: Download


Ebates is one of the favorite rewarding apps which gives you $10 when you sign up and try Ebates. Ebates also offers the best cash back offers on your favorite stores. You will also get cash back when you gift a gift card to someone.

Ebates: Download

7.Shop Fetch

Fetch give you 2000 points when you sign up. Whenever you buy something using fetch, you will be given some points and you can use the points for the items in the cart. Fetch has been partnered most of the popular companies.

Shop Fetch: Download App

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