Get Paid To Read Books Online: Make Money Online

Do you love reading books? Do you know? You can get paid to read books online. There are some websites which pay you money for reading eBooks.

Whenever you get free time you can read E-books online and put some extra bucks on your wallet.

In this article, we have highlighted some of the best paying websites which pay you money for reading books online.

Get Paid To Read Books Online/ Write reviews

1.Online Book Club

Online Book Club is a website which allows you to read books online and looks back for an honest review of the book.

You can make $50 to $100 for each review. You should become a member of the Online Book Club and they’ll send the book to their members to read and review.


Kirkus is the best website to read books and get paid. Kirkus is looking for freelancers who are good at English and Spanish.

You have to read the book and write an honest review about 350 words. Kirkus provides all categories of books to read. Kirkus pays through Cheque.

3.Any Subject Books

If you are a serious book reviewer “Any Subject Books” will pay you money for reviewing books online. You have to apply for the book reviewer and if you are accepted you can start reading books and review the books.

Pay may vary for each review you write. If you are serious about writing reviews about books we recommend to join this website.

4. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the popular rewarding websites. You will be given SB( Swagbucks) points for each task you complete.

Goto Swagbucks dashboard and find “Audible”. Audible is part of the Amazon book site. Swagbucks pays 600SB just for signup with Audible.

5.The US Review Of Books

You can get paid for reviewing the books online. To apply as a reviewer you have to mail the editor with your sample work.

Once if you’re accepted as a reviewer you have to read the books and write an honest review about 350 words. You should submit the review within 2 weeks from the date. Payment will be made on every 5th of the month.


Get paid to read books online at home, become a book reviewer and put some money into your wallet for free.

Becoming a book reviewer will also improve your knowledge and English skill. You can also get paid for searching the web.

Try out these websites and comment below about your experience in reading/reviewing books.

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