Work From Home With Hive Micro: Earn Extra Money Online

We have discovered a hidden work from home job site called “Hive Micro” that offers small gigs to earn money during free hours.

Micro tasks can be done by anyone who has basic Internet skills, each task pays a little dollar that may help you to pay your bills.

Though you can’t make passive income, joining multiple micro task sources can help you make a good amount of money.

Hive Micro Process And Review

People often asked to us find “Are there any alternative sites like Microworkers and Picoworkers?” So we did deep research and came to know about a legitimate site “Hive Micro”.

The site is completely free to join and open worldwide. The signup process is quite easy but takes little time to complete the whole process.

We faced some difficulties while signup using (Yahoo mail), if you people too faced the issues, you with Gmail or other supported sources.

Let’s Signup

HM Working Process:

After setting up your account, jump to the “Jobs” section. You can find a number of jobs that are ready to be done.

You can filter the jobs based on the categories and payout. The payout of each task will be highlighted under each task.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any idea about the tasks listed. To get into the paid task you need to undergo the “Qualification Test”.

The qualification test is very simple, you get complete information about the tasks. If you failed the qualification test, don’t worry, you can retake the test immediately with the same set of demo tasks.

Once after getting qualified for the particular task, you will receive paid task. Go with super easy tasks first.

Hive Micro Payments:

As per our working experience in this platform, the payout for each task is “Very low”. But that should not stop you, from working on this site.

Payouts: You can make roughly around $0.50 to $2 per day. The minimum payout threshold is $10. Payments are processed through PayPal and Bitcoin.

Hive Micro Review:

It’s a legitimate micro task site to earn extra money and open to everyone above 18+ years.

Try this site, if the payout is comfortable for you, go ahead and make some dollars. If you feel a waste of time, swap to other micro-task platforms.

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