Home Based Work For Housewives Without Investment Make $50/hr

The Internet has given the opportunity to work from home and make money online. Finding home based work for housewives without investment is not an easy task.

In this article, we gonna discuss about part-time jobs for housewives at home. We have collected some of the best and legit online jobs for housewives which is completely free to join and no investment needed.

The benefit of home based jobs is you can work in your comfort zone, choose your own schedule and at the same time you can take care of your family.

Home Based Work For Housewives Without Investment

Before getting into home based jobs, all you need to have is:

  • PC/Laptop with high-speed internet
  • Email accounts
  • Should own a Bank account
  • Verified PayPal account to receive payment

Jobs For Housewives Without Investment

Searching for how to earn money at home for housewife? If yes, you are in the right place. We have listed below some of the best online jobs for housewives which will help you to earn money.

1.Website Testing Jobs

Website testing is one of the coolest jobs for housewives, what you have to do is find out the bugs in the website. Website testing companies are looking for people who can figure out the bugs in the websites. You will be paid hourly basis and some companies pay per task.

>> Best Website Testing Jobs

2.Online Chat Support Jobs

Love chatting with friends? There are companies looking for housewives who can work as a chat support associative from home. You have to solve the customer queries through chat.

Most of the companies are paying $15/hr and you don’t need any prior experience to work as chat support associative.

>> Best Online Chat Support Jobs

3.Online Call Reviewing Jobs

Review recorded calls and get paid. You can make passive income by reviewing calls online. All you need to do hear the recorded phone calls and review the calls by following the instructions. For each call, you will be given $0.50 and pay varies for different categories.

>> Best Online Call Reviewing Jobs

Online Typing Jobs For Housewives

Online typing jobs are one of the most searched keywords by housewives. The Internet is flooded with many online typing jobs, but only a few seem to be legit. Below we have listed some of the best and legit typing jobs for housewives

4.Online Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs will be one of the best home based work for housewives without investment. There are some legit companies looking for housewives who can data entry works like copywriting, image to text, data analyzing & formatting and more.

Most of the data entry companies are paying $50/hr ( pay differs ) and you can also work on weekends. You should have good typing and internet skills.

>> Best Online Data Entry Jobs

5.Audio Transcription Jobs For Housewives

Audio transcription jobs are quite easy and it’s the best choice for housewives looking for home based jobs. All you need to do is hear the audio clip and type in text format.

You will be paid hourly basis and some companies are paying $20/hr. Some companies may allow taking qualification test in order to work with them.

>> Best Audio Transcription Jobs

6.Online Survey Jobs

Get paid for sharing your opinion about the product or the service. There are a number of online survey platforms available to make money, all you need to do is give the genuine feedback about the product/service.

You can also do online survey jobs on your smartphones, so you can earn money even while traveling.

>> Best Online Survey Jobs

7.Online Captcha Entry Works

Being on the Internet you will surely come up with Captcha at least once or daily in your life. Do you know? There are companies pay you money for just answering the captcha! Sounds cool?

For each 1000 captcha, you will be given $5 to $10 (Pay vary) and there is no limit for answering captcha, you can answer a number of captcha per day.

>> Best Online Captcha Entry Jobs

8.Article Writing Jobs

Do you love articles? There are companies looking for articles related to humor, social issues, environment and much more. Some companies had paid $500 per article and while some companies pay per word count.

If you have creative ideas for writing articles we recommend every housewife to join and make money online.

>> Best Article Writing Jobs

Part Time Product Jobs For Housewives

9.Affiliate Marketing Jobs

Housewives looking for extra money can become an affiliate marketer and earn money. Affiliate marketing is nothing but you should act as an intermediate between the seller and promote their products. When someone buys products from your link a certain percentage of commision will be given to you.

You can do affiliate marketing through Social Media, Email Marketing and also through your blog/website.

>> Best Affiliate Programs

10.Freelance Job For Housewives

Become a freelancer and enjoy the life. As we know most of the housewives are the freelancer because they can work on their favorite projects from their comfort zone and get paid on time.

We have the list of a best freelance marketplace which offers jobs on all categories. To become a freelancer you no need invest a single penny.

>> Best Freelance Marketplace

Jobs For Housewives Sitting At Home (Bonus Tips)


Blogging is one of the best sources to make money online without investment. As we know most of the people are choosing blogging as their career, you can succeed in your blogging career if you put little effort.

People who are successful in blogging are earning $50,000 per month and more. Being a housewife and starting a blog will be great for your financial needs.

Useful steps to start a blog:

  • Choose a domain
  • Choose a best hosting service
  • Install WordPress or Blog
  • Start writing useful content (Don’t copy & paste)
  • Link Google Adsense
  • Start making money from your blog


Home based work for housewives without investment? YouTube?

Yes, YouTube is an awesome platform for housewives to earn money. Creating a YouTube channel is completely free. If you are interested in cooking or gardening or teaching or whatever may be, shoot the video and upload to your YouTube channel and make money.

Useful steps before starting a YouTube channel:

  • Click here to start a YouTube channel
  • Find a niche ( Fashion, Food, Gardening)
  • Create content
  • Link Google Adsense
  • Promote your videos
  • Become YouTube Partner

Bottom Line:

Hope this article will surely help housewives to make passive income through the internet without any investment. Give a try to the above methods, you should be patient to earn more money and don’t give up.

Share this article with other people who are looking for parttime/fulltime job for housewives at home. Keep visiting our blog we’ll update more online jobs and money making ways for housewives.

Try out these legit online jobs and share your experience in the below comment box.

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