Humanatic Call Reviewing Make $50 Per Hour Legit Online Jobs

Humanatic is a website developed by Century Interactive which allows human to review phone calls. Humanatic call reviewing is quite fun and easy to do.

There are people making $50/hr with Humanatic and $20/hr with chat support jobs. Humanatic is opened to worldwide and you can review calls from anywhere in the world.

In this article, we gonna discuss how to make money online through Humanatic. If you are looking for the best stay at home online jobs to boost your income we recommend joining Humanatic.

Humanatic call reviewing

What is Humanatic?

Review Calls. Get Paid.

Humanatic sign up Click Here

As mentioned Humanatic is a website where humans will be allowed to review recorded phone calls. For each reviewed calls you will be paid.

Humanatic is completely free to join, anyone who is good in English can work with Humanatic. You can choose your own schedule and work from your comfort zone.

Requirements for call reviewing?

All you need is…

  • Good Computer/Tablet/Smartphone
  • High-speed internet
  • Earphone/Headphone
  • Quiet environment

Humanatic app is available for both Android and iOS.You can download the Humanatic app and work from your phone.

How does Humanatic work?

To work with Humanatic you need a verified PayPal account if you don’t have one click here to create.

When you signup you need to enter the verified PayPal id and proceed on the next step you have to enter the required information and submit.

You have to wait up to 4 days to get the response from the Humanatic team. Humanatic is now accepting every application, so apply as soon as possible.

Once if your application is accepted by the Humanatic team, you will receive a welcome message and you can start working with Humanatic.Goto dashboard for the main menu.

Humanatic call reviewing profile

Before getting into call reviewing, Humanatic will provide demo training, where you can get some idea about call reviewing. Goto the categories section and you can find the available calls to be reviewed. Each category pay will vary.

Humanatic call reviewing

Read the instructions and practice the demo recorded calls before getting started, when you get some idea about reviewing get into the categories and start reviewing.

Humanatic call reviewing pays?

Humanatic pays for each successful reviewed calls. Humanatic pays a minimum of $0.10 cents of each call and you can check your balance by clicking Settings > Balance

Humanatic call reviewing balance


When you reach $10 you can request for payout. The payout will be processed every Monday & Tuesday.

Is Humanatic Legit?

Yes, Humanatic call reviewing is legit and safe.

Humanatic never delays in payout and also Humantic offer bonus to their reviewers.

Note: Don’t use any tricks to cheat Humanatic, they will ban your account permanently.

Looking for Humanatic alternative?

Final Words:

Humanatic call reviewing is legit and I recommend everyone to join this awesome platform who are looking to make some extra money.

Working at Humantic is fun, even you can work on weekdays and make money. Humanatic contest will also be held on every month to increase your earnings.

Hope this article helps you drop your thoughts and suggestions about Humantic in the below comment box.

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