Legit Online Jobs For School Students & College Students

Are you a school student/college student and looking for online jobs? In this article, we have the list of online jobs for school students and college students.

As a student you may get more spare time, you can make use of the free time to earn money. There is a lot of opportunity waiting for students to earn money on the spare time without affecting the studies.

Doing an online job along with your studies may help you to pay for your educational fee and other expenses.

If you are a school student you should own a bank account to earn money online. Create an account in PayPal to receive international payments.

Online Jobs For School Students Without Investment

1.Graphic Designing Jobs

If you can design cool logos, make intro videos, image retouching, and other basic graphics works, there are companies looking for students work can work as a graphic designer from home. You can also work at weekends or in your spare time. Graphic designing jobs is one of the best free online jobs for school students.

>> Best Graphic Designing Jobs

2.Micro Jobs

Get paid for doing micro tasks like data entry, websites sign up, data research, downloading apps, Facebook likes, YouTube comments and more. We have collected some of the best micro jobs websites which will pay you money for doing micro tasks.

>> Best Micro Jobs Websites

3.Captcha Entry Jobs

Ever seen a captcha on a website? Is it difficult to enter the data? There are some companies which pay you money for entering the captchas. Captcha entry jobs will be the right choice for the school students, it’s super easy. Spending 2hrs a day can make a good income from captcha entry jobs.

>> Best Captcha Entry Jobs

4.Online Survey Jobs

Share your opinion about a product or a service and get paid. Online surveys are simple, provide the genuine information for the given question. You can also do online surveys on your smartphones. Being a school student, doing online surveys will be fun.

>> Best Online Survey Jobs

5.Web Search Jobs

It’s one of the best online jobs for school students, every student may use search engines like Google and Bing to search there needs. Do you know? You can get paid for searching the web. We have the list of websites which will pay you money for using the search engines.

>> Web Search Jobs

Online Jobs For College Students Without Investment

Every college students may dream for legit online jobs, but it’s difficult to find the right platform. Joining a right platform will help you to earn money along with your studies. We have listed some of the legit online jobs for students to earn money from home.

1.Online Chat Support Jobs

There are companies looking for college students who can solve customer queries by chatting. You can also do online chat support jobs on your smartphones. You should be good at English ( reading & typing) and no prior experience needed to work as chat support associative.

>> Best Online Chat Support Jobs

2.Affiliate Marketing Jobs

Do you spend more time on social media? Become an affiliate marketer and earn money through social platforms. All you need to do is be an intermediate and promote the products on the social media and get paid. Learn more about affiliate marketing. If you own a blog it’s quite easy to make money through affiliate marketing.

>> Best Affiliate Marketing Jobs

3.Website Testing Jobs

One of the best online jobs for students at home is “Website Testing”. Website testing is ” you will be given some websites to test, all you need to do is test the websites and find out the errors, submit the report and get paid. Some companies may allow you to take qualification test, you have to pass the test in order to work on those companies.

>> Best Websites Testing Jobs

4.Domain Trading

Domain trading is one of the creative ways to make money online. If you have creative ideas in selecting domains you can make $$$$$. Buy domains at a cheap price and resell it for a higher price, you should know some basic knowledge about the domain trading.

5.Sell Photos Online

Do you love photography? If you are good at taking photos you can make money. There are some companies looking for your wonderful shots. You can sell your photos to their companies and make money. You may need to upload some of your best shots while sign up, they will review your photos, you will get a notification if they accept.

>> Best Websites To Sell Photos

Bottom Line:

So, waiting for what? All the online jobs mentioned above are free to join, work only in your spare time. We have also listed online jobs for teenagers that pay.

There are other cool ways to make money online like audio transcription jobs and call reviewing jobs.

And also we request every school/college students not to join any scam sites and waste your time and money. Before joining any online jobs, kindly check the review of the website before joining.

If this article helps you share with your friends if you need any help drop your suggestions and thoughts in the below comment box.

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