3 Microtask Jobs To Make Money Online: Short Task Sites

You are going to make some extra dollars today! Yes, these microtask jobs let people earn money online during their spare time.

What is microtask/short task? Micro tasks are nothing but small simple tasks that can be performed by any human who has Internet skills.

What are microtasks? Micro jobs can be anything like data research, app reviews, data input, social media activities, signup, website testing, and more. Some micro-tasks can be done within 60 secs.

Microtask Jobs Online From Home

In this article, we have picked 3 legitimate micro job sites, all sites are free to join, and anyone above 18 years can apply on these platforms.

Requirements For Short Task Jobs:

  • Personal Computer/Laptop
  • Smartphone
  • Internet
  • Headphone/Mic
  • Webcam
  • PayPal

Some of the sites may test your skills before getting into the paid tasks. Also, check whether the site provides tasks to your country/location.


Spare5 is a legitimate online micro-task platform that lets people do simple online tasks for real money. You can make use of your spare time with Spare5.

Tasks provided by Spare5:

  • Isolating elements
  • Image annotation
  • Keywords for images
  • audio to text

Spare5 Payments: Each task has its own payout, like $0.01 to $0.10 per task. When you reach $1 you can request a Payout through PayPal. Payments are processed every Friday without fail.

Join: Spare5


Want to start making money online today? Join Remotasks. Remotasks offer a wide variety of micro-tasks daily. All you need to do is signup, take the free training course online, and get into the paid projects.

Tasks provided by Remotasks:

  • Data Collection
  • Image annotation
  • Keywords for images
  • OCR Transcription
  • Image Comparison

Remotasks Payments: By spending few hours on this platform you can make $50 per month or more. No minimum payout threshold, you can withdraw your money through PayPal every week.

Join: Remotasks


The sequence is a short task site similar to Spare5 and Remotasks. You can join as a “Contributor” in Sequence and work on short tasks for money.

Tasks provided by Sequence:

  • Image annotation
  • Data labeling
  • Data classification

Sequence Payments: Each approved short task pays a little dollar. You can withdraw the money through the PayPal payment gateway.

Join: Sequence


So, try out these sites and share your feedback in the below comment box. If you are more interested in microtask jobs we recommend reading “best task sites to earn money“.

Also read. “Top 5 websites that pays money for doing online tasks“.

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