Mine Pi Coins For Free: Free Crypto Mining Pi Network 2021

Pi coins belong to the Pi network which is an upcoming crypto coin. You can mine pi coins for free and later you can exchange the coin for money, once the coin is launched.

Trading cryptocurrency is one of the best ways to make money online instantly. Trade on coins that have higher scope in the future. After bitcoin, now Ethereum is playing well.

Always keep this simple concept in your mind, buy crypto coins when they dip and sell when they go high. For long-term profit. hold the coins for 2 or 3 years for best output.

Mine Pi Coins Using Pi Network For Free

Pi network is giving a great opportunity to mine π coins to all the users around the world for free. One has to register in their network and start mining Pi coins.

Requirements For Mining π Coins:

  • A smartphone or a Tab
  • Internet connection
  • Invitation code (Provided below)

How To Register Pi Network?

To get into the Pi network one should have an invitation code, else you can’t register. Don’t worry we have provided our “Invitation code” below use it.

You can register using “Facebook” or using your “Mobile Number”. Remenber one account per user. Update your account information as per “PAN card” or any other govt-issued documents.

Pi Network Invitation Code: [ Sujinedison ]

Android Pi Network Users Register : Google Play

iOS Pi Network Users Register: App Store

How To Mine Pi Coins?

Once after registering for the Pi network, you have to start mining. By default, your mining speed will be 0.12π/h. You have to do “nothing” just keep the app on your mobile the mining will be done automatically.

When compared to other mining platforms, the Pi network offers a simple and easy way to mine π coins, you never need to invest a single penny.

How to increase your Pi mining speed? You can increase the mining speed by referring other people to the Pi network. When one user joins the Pi network with your referral code your mining speed will increase from (0.12π/hr to 0.15π/hr)

How To Exchange/Sell Pi Coins For Money?

Pi network is planning to launch their Pi coin by the end of 2021. So mine as possible Pi coin you can.

So, once Pi coins enter into live trading, you can sell your Pi coins on platforms like Binance, Coinbase, Blockchain, and other popular crypto exchange sources.

Info: As like the Pi network, the Wazirx network allowed people to mine free Wazirx coins before the launch, some people have mined 500 to 1000 Wazirx coins and now the Wazirx market price is $2.20.

“Join Before The Door Closes”


Hope this article about “Cryptocurrency” is useful and helpful. Try this awesome platform and earn Pi coins for free. Don’t forget to use our Pi network coin invitation/referral code.

We will be updating more articles about free cryptocurrency mining platforms, new crypto coins launch, and giveaways. Stay tuned!

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