5 Online Earning Opportunities in the Philippines: {Legit}

The internet has given us a wide variety of opportunities to earn money online, but not all the resources are open to all countries.

In this article, we have picked 5 online earning opportunities to try being in the Philippines. All sites are completely free to join and scam-free.

Being in a daily job in the Philippines or do you have spare time on your hand? Try out these methods it will surely help you to generate side income.

Online Earning Opportunities In Philippines

Basic requirements – You need a personal computer or a laptop with a good internet connection, good headphones, and basic Internet skills.

Payments – Make sure you have an active bank account and a verified PayPal account. PayPal is supported in the Philippines. Most of the online earning resources pay through PayPal. So, if you don’t have one create one here.


Earn money by reviewing recorded phone calls online. Humanatic is an online call reviewing website, open to Phillippines and other major countries.

This platform holds more than 25+ categories, under each category you can find the number of recorded phones calls.

All you need to do is “listen to the recorded phone calls carefully and select the correct answer from the menu”. You get paid for each call review. The more you review more you earn.

Payments are made through PayPal every week. The minimum payout threshold is $10.

Join: Humanatic

Read more about “Humanatic

2.Hive Micro

A short task site that lets people make extra money by doing simple micro-tasks online. Hive Micro is open to Phillippines and it’s free to join.

This platform offers short tasks under different categories like Transcription, Categorization, Annotation, Bounding box, Keypoint, and Polygon tool.

Before getting into the paid task, you can practice each category with the demo task, and later you can proceed with the paid task.

Request payout when you reach $10. Available payout options are PayPal and Bitcoin.

Signup: Hive Micro

Explore more about “Hive Micro


If you are passionate about writing articles about various niches, step toward blogging. There are people chosen their careers in blogging and making decent income every month.

You can start your blog for free on Blogspot or WordPress. But we recommend buying your own domain and hosting service and then start blogging.

Start writing quality articles about your favorite niche, optimize your blog with Google and rank higher. Once your blog starts receiving organic traffic from search engines, monetize your blog.

Ways you can monetize your blog – Google Adsense, Ezoic, Media.net, Propeller, and more.

Monetize your blog with affiliate networks – Amazon, Microsoft, ShareASale, Cj, Clickbank, and more.


Appen offers online earning opportunities to people by providing flexible online jobs. Appen is open to Phillippines and free to join.

You can find three types of work offered by Appen (i) Projects (ii) Short task (iii) Data Collection.

Projects – for the long-term earning opportunity. Short task – make extra income by completing simple tasks. Data collection – surveys and data research.

We can’t find much information about their payments and payout methods. Give it a try, if not worth it just skip this platform.

Try: Appen

Know more about “Appen


Fiverr is a freelancing marketplace helping millions of people to showcase their skills and earn money. Fiverr is the best online earning resource in recent times in the Philippines. You can earn money online without PayPal too, using Fiverr.

Setting up your account in Fiverr is simple and takes less than 60 secs. Once after verifying your account, create your gig.

Based on your skill, create the gig. For example, if you have skills in ‘animation”, create your gig as “I will do animated video intro for $50” change the price as per client requirements.

Withdraw your money from Fiverr through bank transfer, PayPal, and direct deposit for US people.

Join: Fiverr

Other Ways To Earn Money Online In the Phillipines

Here are some extra ways that you can try to make extra income. Though you can’t make much money, you can put extra money in your wallet.

Earn Money By Watching Videos:

We spend hours and hours on various video streaming platforms, right? What if some video streaming platforms give you money for just streaming videos online? Sounds cool right?

Check: Watch Video Earn Money

Make Money By Typing:

Become an online transcriptionist and earn money. Transcription jobs are simple, all you need to do is “hear the audio clips and type what you hear”. Simple? You get paid on an hourly basis or per-project basis.

Check: Audio Transcription Jobs

Paid Surveys:

Involve in market research studies and earn money. These market research companies hire people and offer cash rewards for sharing opinions & feedback about products/services.

People from the Philippines can try “Triaba Surveys”- a survey panel dedicated to the Philippines people. One can make  ₱3.50 and ₱91, depends on the survey length. Payout through PayPal.

Join: Triaba

Check: Online Surveys For Cash

Also, check out this exclusive app for paid surveys: Google Play

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