Part Time Online Jobs In Bangalore Without Investment

If you are in Bangalore and searching for online jobs, this article is for you.In this article, we have listed some of the best part time online jobs in Bangalore which you can try for free.

As we know it’s difficult to find a legit online job nowadays, most of the online jobs seem to be the scam.You can make money online from home if you find the right place, don’t waste your precious time on scam jobs.

To work from home make sure you own a good computer with high-speed internet and good environment.Based on your interest you can work as part time or full time.

Part Time Online Jobs In Bangalore Without Investment

1. Customer Service Jobs

There are some companies offering to work from home as customer care representatives.Some companies offer jobs based on your location, so before joining check whether the jobs are available for your location.Most of the companies are paying $20 to $50 per hour.

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2.Online Micro Task Jobs

Get paid for doing micro tasks like app testing, data entry, web research and more.There are some legit websites which provide micro-task jobs, people have made $500 per month.

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3.Search Engine Evaluation Jobs

There are some legit search engine evaluation platforms available, all you need to do is keep the search engines updated and spam free.You can work from home as search engine evaluator if you know basic computer knowledge.People have made $50 per hour.

4.Website Testing Jobs

Find out the bugs in the websites and get paid.There are some legitimate companies which offer website testing jobs from home, $20 per hour.You should be good at typing and basic English knowledge, make sure you own a high-speed internet.

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5.Data Entry Jobs

Finding a legit data entry jobs is a big deal, but we have some legit data entry companies which allow you do data entry jobs from home.You should have good typing skill and English knowledge.You can make a minimum of $500 per month.

> More Data Entry Jobs


These are some of the best part time online jobs in Bangalore without investment.All jobs listed above are free to join and also you can work as part time or full time based on your interest.

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