Here Is The List Of Ways To Play Games For Cash

Do you wanna make some extra cash by playing games? It’s fun to play games for cash. This article highlights some of the best ways to make money online by playing games online.

Who doesn’t love to play games online, if you have a computer with internet you are eligible to make some money.

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Ways To Play Games For Cash

You can’t make a ton of money by playing games, but you put some extra money on your wallet. Online games mentioned below are free to join.


Swagbucks is a rewarding website which pays you for doing simple tasks like playing games, taking surveys, searching web and more.

Swagbucks offers free games to play and also rewards Swagbucks points for playing. You can redeem the points for PayPal cash.


Bananatic is one of the famous websites for playing and reviewing games. You will be given “banana” for playing and testing games online. You can use the “banana” for other paid game contestant, online recharge and more.


You can earn some cash online by playing games using Inboxdollars. Inboxdollars has both free and paid games offered by GSN, you can make some dollar when you play in Inboxdollar.

When you signup you will be rewarded with $5 as a signup bonus. Inboxdollars also offers multiple ways to make money like online surveys, watching videos, web search and more.

4.Bingo Zone

You can join Bingo for free and earn some money online by playing Bingo online. Bingo offers a number of games daily, you can start earning $1 and it goes on increasing until someone wins.


Pogo also offers both free and paid games with multiple categories. The best thing about Pogo is you can play Pogo games on your Computer/Tablet/Smartphones/Playstation. You can request payout when you reach the minimum threshold.

6.Cash Crate

Cash Crate is one of the oldest rewarding websites which holds more than 2 million users. Cash Crate provides multiple ways to make money by doing simple tasks like play games for cash, online surveys, online shopping and more.

Cash Crate also provides $1 signup bonus, by playing games in Cash Crate you can earn points and later redeem the points for real cash.

7.Paid Game Player

Paid Game Player is one of the interesting gaming platforms which holds more than 500 games. You can earn money by playing with another gamer in Paid Game Player.

You can also earn money by completing surveys, reviewing games and referring friends.

Play Video Games For Money

Everyone loves playing video games online right? What if video games pay you money for playing, testing and reviewing? Sounds cool! Here are some websites which offer online video games to make money online.

Game Testing

If you want to play games and earn money become the game tester. The game studio always has openings for game testing, whenever they develop a new game they look for game testers to play the game and find the bugs. You will be paid for each game testing.

Best Game Testing Platforms To Earn Money:

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Writing Reviews

Before playing any video games people will look for reviews, right? There are some websites looking for people who can play video games and write the genuine review about the game.

Earn Money By Writing Video Game Reviews:
Bottom Line:

Hope this genuine play games and video games for cash will help you to make some money. People who are interested in gaming put a try on these websites and share your review in the below comment box.

If you are looking for alternative ways to make money find out the secret ways to make money online.

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