3 Proven Ways To Make Money On Social Media Platforms.

Can we really make money on social networks? Yes, there are some proven ways to make money on social media networks.

Social networks not only connects people worldwide but also helps to promote products and sell services.

There are people using social media as a tool for living. All you need to have is some basic knowledge about social networks.

Make Money on Social Media Platforms

Most popular social platforms are

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

The first step is to find out which social media is good enough to make money.

Most of the successful influencers making living through social media platforms are suggesting “Instagram”

Yes, Instagram is the best tool to make money if you have more than 10k to 50K followers.

You can use Facebook and Twitter as a tool to increase your Instagram followers.

#1 Ways To Make Money On Instagram

  • Create an Instagram account by “clicking here“.
  • Choose the niche you are interested in.
  • Post quality content.
  • Never forget to use hashtags.
  • Keep your Instagram account public.
  • Once you reach 10k to 20k followers, display your business email.
  • People or brands will start contacting you to promote their products.
  • Start earning money.

#2 Ways To Earn Money Using Facebook

Facebook is the best and powerful marketing tool, which is helping lots of people to make money online.

Facebook has given more numbers of ways to make money without any investment. All you need to do is “little hard work”

Facebook Audience Network:

Now you can monetize your app using the Facebook audience network. To monetize your app, your app should be live in Google Play.

If you have the skill in creating viral content, you can monetize your blog content with the Facebook audience network.

Facebook Page/Group

Create a Facebook page or group, grow your audience with interesting and quality posts. Always keep your audience engaged.

Once your Facebook page/group has reached a certain level. Start promoting affiliate links, sponsored posts, etc and start making money.

#3 Ways To Earn Money On Social Media using Twitter

If you don’t own a blog or a website to make money online don’t worry, you can use social media like Twitter to earn some extra bucks.

If you have above 10k followers on Twitter, you can contact brands for sponsored tweets and earn money per tweets.

People who holds fewer followers like 50 to 1000 followers, you can also make money using Twitter.

  • Sponsored Tweets: A service that pays you for tweeting.
  • Ad.ly: Get paid for displaying ads in your tweet.
  • MyLikes: Display ads on your tweet and get paid weekly.

Final Words:

Nothing is possible without trying, so try out these methods to earn money from social media platforms and if it helps you. Share your experience in the below comment box.

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