6 Ways To Make Money Online In India From Home 2020 (Legit)

Everyone want’s to make money online to support your family right? But how?. In this article, we gonna see how to make money online in India. As we know most of the online jobs in India are “Scam”! So, always stay away from scam sites.

Nobody can make money overnight through the internet, you have to find the right platform, dedicate some time every day and work hard to see the output.

In India, there are many SCAM online jobs like data entry, ad posting, fake typing jobs, and more. Don’t ever waste your time and money on those Scam sites.

6 Ways To Make Money Online In India

The listed online jobs or money making ways don’t require any registration fee or any investment. It’s completely free and scam free platforms.

1.Affiliate Marketing

In India, affiliate marketing has been growing and people are enjoying the benefits of affiliate marketing. There are some legit high paying Indian affiliate networks are available. You can make some good income through affiliate marketing networks.

All you need to do is promote the products from the affiliate networks and whenever someone buys a product through your affiliate link, you get some certain percentage commission and money credited to your affiliate account.

Indian Affiliate Marketing Networks:

2. Freelancing

Everyone has gifted with some certain skills, right? What if your skills pay you real money?

There are many cool freelancing platforms are available where you can make money by what you love to do. Freelancing platforms offer jobs from construction works to professional software jobs. The advantage of becoming a freelancer is you can work on your own schedule from your comfort zone. In short, be your own Boss!

Best Freelance Platforms In India:

Read more about the best freelance marketplace worldwide.

3. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online in India. There are professional bloggers making $10,000 per month. Cool?

There are many blogging platforms are available to start your blogging carrier. Choose a domain name, buy a good hosting service which will cost around $30/per year(basic), and also you can also go with free blogging platforms (Not recommended).

After developing your blog, post articles, and link your blog with Google Adsense and do some “SEO” kind of stuff. You are ready to see the money overflow.

Best Blogging Platforms:

Best Hosting Platforms:

Best Sites To Buy Domains:

4. Youtube

One of the easy and genuine ways to make money online in 2020 is by “YouTube”. All you need to do is create a YouTube channel it’s free and shoot some inserting videos using your smartphone or DSLR and upload it on your YouTube channel.

You have to link the Google Adsense account with your YouTube channel in order to earn money through YouTube.

Note: Your channel should have 1,000 subscribers, and 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months in order to earn money.

5.Buy/Sell Domains

Domain trading is becoming popular nowadays, anyone with little knowledge about domain trading can make a good profit by selling expired and keyword-based domains. Always do deep research before buying a domain.

Buying and selling domain names is becoming a  highly profitable business. Here are some best domain trading websites in India

6. Online Jobs

There are some legit online jobs that are still available in India which helps you to earn some extra money. Most of the legit online jobs are free to join and no investment required.

In our blog, we have been updating scam free online jobs, you can read our blog articles to find out high online jobs (India based).

Last words:

So, we came to a conclusion. Being in India and if you are looking for online jobs or ways to make money online through the internet it’s very very difficult to find the right source due to the thousands of scam platforms.

So, try out those money making methods which were discussed above, it will surely help you to make money by staying at home.

If it works, share your journey of money-making in the below comment box.


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