Earn Money Online With Clickworker: Legit Online Jobs 2020

Clickworker was established in 2005 as a platform for solving micro tasks. Clickworker jobs are similar to Amazon Mturk and Microworkers, you will be paid for taking short tasks.

Don’t make Clickworker as the only source to make money there are number of legit platforms available to earn money online.

And also remember that you can’t become rich by joining Clickworker but you can put some extra bucks on your wallet.

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How do Clickworker jobs work?

You should be 18 years old to join the platform.Join/signup Clickworker by clicking here.

After creating the account, fill out the required basic information and skills. Based on the information provided, tasks will be assigned to you.

Most of the tasks will be like categorizing websites, completing surveys, online research, proofreading, data entry and more. Each task takes less than 2 minutes and you take a number of tasks per hour and also remember, don’t accept the task that you can’t complete.

Clickworker app is available for both Android & iOS.

How does Clickworker pay?

When your account reaches $10 or 10 Euro you can request for payout and remember that you can give only one payout per month.

You will be paid through PayPal or Wire transfer, don’t forget to add tax information.

Is Clickworker legit and safe?

Yes, It is legit and safe.

Is Clickworker worth it? Yes but No.

Clickworker review: Some people have reported that they are facing some problems during payout. Some accounts have been suspended without any reason when they earn more.

Final Words

Though clickworker jobs seem legit, people are facing some problems, so join at your own risk.

You can’t make more money as the tasks are very limited, but you can make some extra bucks. You can also check best chat support online jobs to make passive income.

If Clickworkers did not help, you can try out these “best legit online jobs”.

Let me know if Clickworker helped you drop your experience in the below comment box.

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