Work From Home Job Opportunities In USA Make $20 Per Hour

There are some companies which offer work from home job opportunities in USA. The benefit of work from home job is you can work on your own schedule and in your comfort zone.

Make sure you have a high-performance computer with high-speed internet. You should have a PayPal account to receive international payments.

In this article, we have listed some of the best online jobs which you can work from home.

Work From Home Job Opportunities In USA

1.Online Transcribing Jobs USA

You can choose online transcribing jobs if you wanna work from home. All you need to do is hear the recorded audio clip and type what you heard in the audio. You should own a good computer and high-speed internet to do transcription jobs from home.

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2.Online Call Reviewing Jobs USA

Online call reviewing is one of the best work from home jobs, which you can try to make some passive income. A recorded audio clip will be played, you have to hear the recorded call and review the call. You should be good in basic English and typing skills.

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3.Data Entry Jobs USA

If you are good at typing you can choose data entry jobs from home. There are some legit companies which allow doing data entry works from home, qualification test may be required by some companies. You can work as full time or part-time, $50 per hour.

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4.Chat Support Jobs USA

Get paid for chatting with customers. There are some companies looking for the chat representative who can work from home. All you need to do is solve the customer queries through chat. Most of the Companies are paying $20 per hour.

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5.Product Testing Jobs USA

Get paid for testing/reviewing the products from home. There are companies paying $20 per hour for working as the product tester. You have to share the valuable opinions about the product.

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6.Online Moderator Jobs USA

Become an online moderator by controlling the blog comments, forums, chat rooms and more. You need to keep the forums and chat rooms spam free. People have made can make $15 per hour as online moderator.

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7.Web Designing Jobs USA

Web development companies are looking for people who can work from home as a web designer, developer, project managers, software engineers and more. Employees had made $20 per hour working as a web designer from home.

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These are some of the best work from home job opportunities in USA. More work from home jobs will be updated, you can also read our previous article for legit online jobs.

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